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A great selection of Dr. Martens practical, hard wearing, industrial shoes and boots for men, women and kids. 'Doc Martens' are the makers of iconic British shoes and boots from the 1960's, cataloguing an era of social unrest, anti-culture, bigotry and yet high fashion. Become your own tribe and buy a pair today!

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All shoes & boots are genuine Dr. Martens products, sourced from the main UK authorised internet retailer.

We have an ever-changing stock which varies from time-to-time, so if you don't see the shoe or boot you want, check out our other footwear stores.

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More Dr Martens steel-toecap shoes can be found on our specialist workwear site where you'll also find many other leading brands of safety shoes and boots.

We've over a hundred styles of Doc Martens footwear in stock, including the latest metallic DMs, bright patent leather, Doc Martens Wellies and kids versions of classic DM boots. Look out for some great new photos from Doc Martens of the fashion model Daisy Lowe wearing some of their hot new DM boots.

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